What is VStat – Synthesis Report Service?

Reviewing the development of system to evaluate and have appropriate strategies is also an issue that wise businessman take very seriously. Understanding the importance as well as the needs of the majority of customers, VStat has developed the Synthesis Report service to give customers an overview of their work performance.

Combined with statistical technology having absolute accuracy, Our technicians synthesize data & indexes then classify and create revenue reports on a weekly – monthly – quarterly – yearly cycle to help customers understand the level of system development. In addition, VStat also upgraded and innovated in the use of automatic BOTs to improve the quality of reporting results process and sharing data.

VStat - Synthesis Report

VStat – Synthesis Report

Outstanding Advantages of Statistics – Reporting Service

The database has been processed from the original data system and illustrated with the analysis results table that is intuitive and easy to understand. VStat is always willing and assists in explaining to customers 24/7 with a dedicated and enthusiastic attitude.

Using data statistics reporting service is the basis for making future development strategies of iGaming enterprise.

Reports are sent to Customers on a regular basis or on a separate request, always ensuring accuracy and quality. It is the result of data collection, data statistics, data classification and reporting. Each stage is closely inspected and supervised by a team of staff and managers with many years of experience in the iGaming market.

VStat creates a good reputation and position in the market by its profession, accuracy and perfectly meets the requirements of Customers & Partners in Vietnam and the region market.